Hamsata Mazou

Appears in 14 Episodes

On Island.

If you had our own island, who would you bring? How would you structure your society? Who would you let in and who would you ensure never gets in? Why rules would you ...

On Forgiveness.

What is your definition of forgiveness? How do you forgive and forget? Does everyone deserve to be forgiven? Do you forgive your parents for not always being the best ...

On Boundaries. (Part 2)

Is cheating a relationship dealbreaker? Can you be in a friends with benefit situation without catching feelings? Can your partner have a best friend of the opposite s...

On Boundaries. (Part 1)

What are your personal boundaries? OnBlack hosts discuss their personal boundaries, the boundaries they have with other people, and if people can change.

On Growth.

On Black. Podcast hosts reflect on their lives and friendships, how they have changed, and being content. Follow On Black. on Instagram.

On Recap.

On this episode, OnBlack hosts recap their first semester and why they would not do it again.

On Immigrant.

In this episode, On Black Hosts talk about seasonal depression, their experience as immigrants or children of immigrants, and their forced African-American experience....

On Dreams and Nightmares.

In this episode, the On Black hosts discuss everything spooky including Halloween and their dreams and nightmares.

On Balance.

Hamsata, Alexis and Jeanine discuss balance in their lives.

On Future.

In this episode, the On Black. hosts discuss their fears about the future.

On Rant.

In the episode, Alexis, Jeanine and Hamsata do a recap of their school year, talk about their personal growth and rant about community and friendships.

On Toxic.

Alexis, Hamsata and Jeanine discuss relationships. They discuss their ideal partners, what they want from a relationship and their toxic traits.

On Love.

Alexis, Jeanine and Hamsata discuss what love is to them. They laugh, reminisce and consider how love manifests itself in their lives.

On Intro.

Alexis, Hamsata and Jeanine introduce themselves, establish the purpose of On Black., discuss guilty pleasures, and more. Welcome to On Black.

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